MY portfolio


cosplay Taemin WHY SO SERIOUS
cosplay Taemin WHY SO SERIOUS, it was hard to create the shirt spider, but in the end I could not.

I played another KPOP style, or that of the group BTS

jacket male model
this jacket is packed by me, I tried to make a jacket based on a male model.

pants with zippers
rarely seen, but they are pants with zippers.

other cosplay Kpop, Girls' Generation version of Paparazzi. I created, even gloves and shirt

plush tiger
plush tiger, even if it is a model copied, I packed myself.

Cosplay KILARY
tract from the anime cosplay kilary, I'm the girl sitting, it is not a costume copied, I made it.

another cosplay inspired by a Korean group, BOYFRIEND in the song Janus,the costume I did

Cosplay Kairi KINGDOM HEARTS 2
still cosplay

Cosplay Yuna FINAL FANTASY 10
cosplay made ​​entirely by me, with this costume won as best female costume ^ ^

AJAX Style
for this style I was inspired by the song of the Korean group AJAX 2MYX ... the outfit I made it.

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