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About African Game Trek Safaris

African Game Trek Safaris is a specialized premier tour and travel operator focused exclusively on organizing, planning and arranging tours, transfers, accommodation and safaris within the East Africa region, mainly in Kenya, and Tanzania. Our clients come from all over the world and we go to great lengths to provide them with the very best of service to make their holiday and travel adventure an experience of their lifetime.

African Game Trek Safaris was established in 2001 and its head office is in Nairobi. Since its establishment, African Game Trek Safaris has developed into a leading and known tour and travel operator in East Africa.

African Game Trek Safaris is well established tour and travel operator by professional tour guides and tour consultants. Our experience is garnered after many years of involvement in the tour and travel industry to achieve our management style, vision, mission and goal.
We provide scheduled itinerary for small group, students, business people, NGO staffs, youths, honeymooners as well as customized itineraries to meet your specific interests and budget. We try to make every tour and travel a unique and memorable experience for our clients and so every request is taken seriously and professionally.

Quality Service Assurance

African Game Trek safaris is a Kenyan tour and travel operator which has maintained a strong presence in the market since its inception in the year 2001. Being a service-oriented company that ensures client satisfaction to the best of our ability, our desire is to offer a personalized service to all our clients, establishing and enhancing a mutual relationship even after transacting the business. The services provided are at competitive levels and rates, our emphasis being on quality, efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

These essential qualities have attracted many corporate institutions and overseas tour and travel operators. Thus we urge you to be on board and experience the difference. We also ensure that confidentiality is kept on any contract arrangements with us.Our staff is comprised of professionally trained tour and travel consultants and tour guide drivers who are dedicated to the highest standard of client satisfaction. Most of them have served in different companies in different capacities bringing in with them a wealth of experience and professionalism in tourism industry. Over the years we have established solid working relationships with the tourism industry players in the Kenya and Tanzania and as a result, we offer some of the most competitive safari packages in the East Africa region. Our workforce has built up quality experience over the years and is dependable and committed to giving the best and quality service in the tour and travel industry.

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, youths, students, company staffs, with family or friends, we have the right safari package that will meet your needs and we give room for the tailor made itineraries. We invite and welcome you to take time to discover Kenya and Tanzania the African Game Trek way.

We have a variety of safari itinerary in Kenya and Tanzania to suit your days and plans in the East African region. These itineraries are the best value for money as there some budget safari packages for budget travelers.

African Game Trek Safaris is collaborating with Charitable Children Institution to help, assist and care for the orphan and vulnerable children living in children home in urban and rural areas.
We are working with the community to care for the children by sending volunteers to work in the Charitable Children Institutions in Urban and rural areas in Kenya. We provide our contribution yearly to help the charitable children Institutions to build classes, rooms and dorm for the orphan and vulnerable children living in the Children orphanages.
Arrange your tour, travel and safari with African Game Trek safaris to experience the adventurous safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

The soul of Adventure in the warm heart of Africa

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