Emanuele Del Bufalo was born in Ancona, a small city on the east coast of the center Italy the 5th December

“I love photography since I was a child, I was surprised by the ability of the "black box", to capture anything.

I have always studied to improve my photographic technique, to learn the best tricks.
But the more I go on this road, and the more I realize what the most important thing of all is, practice!” (EDB)

But the decision to make photography his life came during his travels.

“There are so many amazing things out there, amazing landscapes, wonderful culture, and a whole universe of living beings. My dream is take pictures of all those great thinks and share with everyone.”(EDB)

In 2007, at half of his university studies in mechanical engineering he realized that it was not his way.

“I was not doing what made me happy, I had the impression that I was wasting my life, and I didn't like it”(EDB)

So he made a decision, Leaving, to see the World, to have experiences, to make his life a great adventure. Over the past 4 years He has spent more time around the world, that in his city.
In 2008 He has been one year in Australia, where he bought a van, and with that, he explored this magnificent country. He traveled more than 30 thousand km on the road, from east to west and from south to north.

“Was perhaps the most powerful experience of my life, until now. I heard for the first time what it means to be free. Waking up in the morning and decide which direction to take based on where the wind blows. Being as a painter in front of a blank canvas, and paint your own adventure day by day. For a photographer, Australia is a land of wonders, thousands of great shots are all around you, you must not do anything, just take them.”(EDB)

Between 2008 and 2009 he had his first taste of Asia, a two months trip through Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and it's here that probably he fell in love with this land.

In March of 2010 he left for another journey, a six months journey. Began in India of the Maharajah, moving to the Himalayas in Nepal, to arrive in South East Asia through Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines.

“What I took home from this experience can not be described in words or pictures. A trip like this is able to change your mindset, your point of view.”(EDB)

Back home he had the opportunity to exhibit some of the photos that he takes on the journey, in a photographic exhibition called "The Heart of Asia" a photographic journey between peoples and cultures.

“I can guarantee you, choose the pictures for the exhibition, between more than 13 thousand shots that I had, it was really hard.”(EDB)

He's currently writing a photo book, about this adventure.

Emanuele is in Canada right now, where he is working to be able to travel the beautiful British Columbia. In October he will moves to New Zealand for at least one year, and from there, he will try to plan another adventure, a massive journey from New Zealand to Italy by land, without taking any plane, using only buses, trains, ferries, cars, motorcycles, hitchhiking, etc. Etc.

“The plan is to travel through more than 17 states over a period of time ranging from 6 to 8 months.
I really hope I can make this great project, our Planet is so wonderful that probably 10 lives would not be enough to see it all.”(EDB)

“Happiness is a direction, not a place” (Sydney J. Harris)

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