Levy Aragon the Photocrafts

Sunset at Binangonan, Rizal
nikon d90 18-55mm

nikon d90 24-85mm

Nikon D90 mounted with 18-135mm
Post process with photoshop CS5

Blazing eyes of the cat
Nikon D80 mounted with 70-300dg tamron lense
photoshop cs5

Classic Bloom
Nikon D90 mounted with 24-85mm
Straight from the camera

Icy beach from the shooting site of korean telenovela FULLHOUSE
Nikon D80 mounted with 18-200mm vr
post process at photoshop CS3

Team Photocrafts
Nikon D90 mounted with 24-85mm
Post process at Photoshop Cs5

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