Sohail Anjum Photography

Location: Lahore, Pakistan-54000

✔ I think that when the camera becomes your third eye you will see what the people can not see, so I capture what I see with my third eye to add a new point of view about things.
✔ With the slogan of “Photography iz the art of discovery, one that extracts the extraordinary out of the ordinary”, I turn “Taking a photo” into “Making a masterpiece of the art of photography” with creativity, technical skills, extreme passion and utmost sense of professionalism.

✔ Photography to me iz catching a moment which iz passing, and which iz true. In my view you cannot claim to have se...en something until you have photographed and a photograph must be more interesting than the thing photographed. Photography tells a story by fulfilling the creative vision of an artist and my concern iz to take the time to do the best job for you.

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