Fundamentally, I am a fine art photographer. My interests sweep from fashion to architecture; from landscape to yachting. Yet my images continuously possess the common characteristic of focussing on the particular without distracting from the whole.
I was born in Bologna, Italy and after having an experience in drawing and painting I dedicated myself to photography. I began as a travel photographer and in the late seventies I opened a studio specialising exclusively in fashion and portraits. My fashion photography has had characterised by a strong emotional impact coupled with perfect fusion between the person shot and the enviroment surrounding her.
My photos have been published in more than 2,500 pages and on twenty magazine covers such as Alanaka, Amica, Anna, Cosmopolitan, Donna, Donna Moderna, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Lady, Landscape, Madame, Vogue, W…
.At the present I am carrying out research on modern Architecture and architectonic design for naval construction (especially regarding large yachts).
I dedicates all my free time to personal research towards producing images free from constraint where I can express my mode of perceiving the world that surrounds me and the environment where I am living. These images have been on show at personal exhibitions in Italy (Bologna, Siena, Zola,), France (Grenoble, Lille), Lithuania (Vilnius, Nida), Croatia (Osijek), Slovenia (Izòla, Ljubljana), Poland (Warszawa) Bulgaria (Sofia) UK (Bangor Edimbug) and the U.S. (San Francisco).
In 2004 I was awarded the ‘Special Prize’ by the Jury at the Orvieto International Festival for my monograph on architecture from the nineteen hundreds. In 2008 and 2009 I received the Art Majeur Silver Award.
Being profoundly convinced that art should have no boundaries at present I am working also away from Italy to gain professional experience in other countries.

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