How does SitoHD modify my photos?
When you upload a photo, SitoHD changes it only in certain circumstances:

A) If the photo is larger than 1200 pixels on the long side, it reduces it automatically maintaining the aspect ratio, improves the sharpness and saves it with quality 70.

B) If the photo is larger than 500 Kbytes, it re-saves it in a smaller size, always with quality 70.

Does SitoHD create thumbnails automatically?
Yes, thumbnails are automatically created.

Do I have to add edge to photos?
SitoHD automatically adds a 1-pixel white edge to your photos. To get an optimal view, so, do not add edge to your photos in post production.

How do I protect my pictures?
You can add protection to your photos with only one click, activating it directly from your control panel.

However, an attacker with specific skills may circumvent that protection, the attacker may then download your photos.
The real solution is to enter a text in the image before you upload it to SitoHD. The text should be put on the subject and not on a corner, because with a crop you can get around the problem.
We hope you will agree with us that a written text of this type penalizes your website. However, the choice is yours!
Keep in mind that an image of 1200x800 pixels has a very good detail on the monitor but not if it is printed in a larger size postcard.

Which pictures won't be accepted in SitoHD?
SitoHD controls each picture individually and if it is not according to SitoHD's compliance, it will be canceled.
SitoHD doesn't accept any kind of nudity or erotic images such as: breasts, naked upper body, intimate areas.
SitoHD reserves the right to delete photos that do not conform to morality.

When do recent photos appear on my website?
Recent pictures appear when you have uploaded at least 15 pictures.


Can I use the domain that i already have for the GOLD version of SitoHD.com?
Yes, you can keep an existing domain, keeping in mind that renewal and domain configuration are on your own.
However, we can help in the configuration. Upgrade to GOLD and then we will contact you to provide instructions.

When I upgrade my site to GOLD, the one created with FREE account is maintained?
Yes, when you upgrade to GOLD, all settings of your site, including all the photos, are maintained.

Can I add a counter access to my home page?
Yes, for more information go to www.google.com/analytics/, register, pick up the HTML, then enter it in your settings on the homepage.


How can i have more visits on my website?
If you post photos in the forums, add a link to your site with your signature. That way, every time you post new pictures, all users see the link to your site and will visit it by clicking on it.

Add the button to share in Facebook on your homepage. This allows those who visit your site to be able to advertise it on their profile in Facebook. Of course, you can also share the link and advertise it in your dashboard.

Send an email to your friends telling them about your new site, but try not to be persistent and do not make spam of any kind.

Create business cards with the name of your site and give them to friends and / or photographers you know.

Add suitable photos (see sections 7 and 8 in frequently asked questions ) and they will be advertised by SitoHD! Some photographers have thousands of visitors thanks to SitoHD.

To know which of your advertising brings more visitors is essential to have the counter accesses.

What should I do to have my picture in the page of examples of SitoHD.com?
SitoHD is pleased to advertise your work, but it's obvious that it favors GOLD sites.
SitoHD chooses some sites at its own discretion. To have a better chance of being selected, upgrade to GOLD, and in any case follow our guidelines.

How can I have my website in Google?
When you upload at least 10 pictures and set your short address, about 10 days are needed before they appear on the Google Search Engine. To speed up the result, exchange some links between other photographers. Again, if you bought the GOLD version you will have more possibilities to appear on Google when someone searches your Name and Surname.


How does the contact form work?
When a user types in the SitoHD's contacts form, an email will be sent automatically to your registered email in SitoHD.
SitoHD hates spam just like you, so we do not recommend you to enter an email address on your site!

Do you have suggestions for having a nice website?

Enter your best shot, do not upload self-portrait!
Use access counters. They are essential to understand how many people are accessing your site.

PHOTOS ( portfolio and galleries )

The photos must have a size as small as possible in Kbytes. Photos under 150Kb are faster to load for your visitors.
To be able to reach this goal you should compress the photos you upload more.

Do not use the 'Progressive' when you save your photo in JPG after it is processed. This is a setting that allows you to download the file in several steps: the photos appear immediately in the monitor at low quality and after some time, quality increases.

For your website, the risk is that a user sees the photo of low quality and closes the site!

Use clear and full text for your photos.
For Example:
Macaone - Papilio machaon
Nikon D3s Sigma 180 macro
Iso: 200 Focal: 180mm Aperture: 2.0 Time: 1/15 Exposition manual

Do not put the same pictures in various galleries.

Try to have a site with less than 100 photos. In our view, if you have thousands of photos nobody will look at them!


Insrt a photo of yourself, that way other photographers may recognize you.
Enter a description of yourself, using punctuation, word-wrapped after every sentence.
Enter your equipment.


Check your site after you have entered / modified links, to make sure they work.
Enter just a few links, if you enter too much no one will want to see them!
Enter quality links: your reputation also depends on the links you post.

Can I add the Facebook LIKE button to my homepage?
Yes, for more information, access to the page developers.facebook.com/docs/guides/web/#plugins for the button ""LIKE"".
Then enter the HTML code provided by Facebook in your homepage settings.

Have a suggestion for SitoHD?
SitoHD is pleased to have opinions from the users!
Contact us : we will be happy to consider your suggestions.